Friday, September 28, 2007

As the Sox Season Winds Down

And we get ready for the playoffs, I can't help but wonder about all the stress and thought people put into the Yankees situation. At the beginning of the season, the Red Sox and Yankees were predicted to be together right until the end. And look, that's exactly what's happened.

Maybe it was just because the Red Sox got off to such a great start, but all the talk about how the Yankees wouldn't even make the playoffs went nowhere.

All the talk about how the Red Sox would continue to dominate throughout the entire season went nowhere.

When the Yankees came back and did so well during the second half of the season, all the talk started up on how the Red Sox and Yankees positions had completely turned completely around. Now it was the Red Sox who were going to fall out of contention and the Yankees who would take over first place.

And all that talk and angst and pressure went nowhere.

At the end of the season, both teams will be in the playoffs. Both teams still have what we expected them to have (better pitching for the Sox, better hitting for the Yankees).

And, I think, unlike most fans, I would love to face off with the Yankees in the second round. It always makes it more interesting. And for those who would rather face off with one team or another, I say you have to be the best team to win. If you're not, then what's the point?

So stop worrying so much and enjoy what's about to happen.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Can It Get Any Better?

Last night's game saw:

  • the return of Manny
  • Manny got a hit
  • J.D. Drew continued to do better
  • Schilling pitched great (only 80 some odd pitches, too)
  • Red Sox won
  • Yankees lost (Magic Number is 3)
  • Yankees have not clinched a spot, yet (I expect them to)
  • Clemens is hurt
Why it's good to be a Boston fan overall right now:
  • 38 is the magic number for the pats
  • only 4 punts so far, for the season!
  • Red Sox are in the playoffs
  • Celtics are favored to win again
  • Beckett is favored to win the Cy Young
Bruins? Never heard of them?