Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Can It Get Any Better?

Last night's game saw:

  • the return of Manny
  • Manny got a hit
  • J.D. Drew continued to do better
  • Schilling pitched great (only 80 some odd pitches, too)
  • Red Sox won
  • Yankees lost (Magic Number is 3)
  • Yankees have not clinched a spot, yet (I expect them to)
  • Clemens is hurt
Why it's good to be a Boston fan overall right now:
  • 38 is the magic number for the pats
  • only 4 punts so far, for the season!
  • Red Sox are in the playoffs
  • Celtics are favored to win again
  • Beckett is favored to win the Cy Young
Bruins? Never heard of them?

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