Thursday, October 19, 2006

Make money with your blog

Performancing has come up with a new ad network (see the top left adblock), that's being billed as similar to blogads. Unfortunately for the rest of us, blogads is by invite only these days. So, I would recommend signing up with Partners, now, while they are accepting everyone.

What I like about it
It only takes a tiny bit of code to get started. Also, the split is laid out for you right from the beginning. 70% for you, 30% for them (unlike adsense for instance, where you never know what the split is). Also, you get paid CPM (per 1000 times your ad is shown). Your pricing can be set by you, or you can let them use auto-pricing. That way, you and your advertiser know up front what to expect.

Another nice feature: You get paid by paypal at the first of the month. No waiting for checks.

Also, you get to approve any ads being shown on your site. In other words, you are in complete control of your content.

What I don't like
The option for multiple ads would be nice. Being able to tell your advertiser where the ad is going to show up and being able to do different pricing based on location would be a nice feature (above the fold is usually worth more).

Beta Testing
You can see the temporary testing ad in the top left of this page. I like it's look and it seems to fit well into my design. Unfortunately, they don't have any advertisers, yet. But I'm sure that will change quickly. In the meantime, I would recommend signing up today. Get in at the beginning before this takes off and it becomes 'by invitation' only.

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Cameron said...

Great Blog - My site has to do with this but I sure don't sell anything it makes a couple dollars off of adsense.


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