Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Papa Jackson is gone?

I just don't understand this move. Am I missing something? Papa Jack delivered for three years the best hitting offense in baseball. Ortiz recently stated Papa was responsible for delivering home runs 51 and 52. And they don't renew his contract?

And listening to his interview this morning, the breakup was not mutual at all.

I know that when baseball teams fall apart, coaches often feel the brunt of the blame. It makes the head office look like they're doing things to 'fix' things. But replacing Jackson as hitting coach doesn't make things better. It doesn't change the injury plagued season for the starting pitchers. It doesn't fix the horrible ERA numbers from your top two pitchers. It doesn't make Wakefield and Wells and Clement magically feel better. It doesn't bring Arroyo back to fill in when your top starters went down.

And it certainly doesn't help you bring in a closer for next year.

Losing this year was bad. Hurting your offensive power for next year is worse.

BostonHerald.com - Boston Red Sox: Sox start to clean house: Jackson, Wallace lose jobs

The fallout from a disappointing, playoff-less season began yesterday for the Red Sox, as the club chose not to renew the contracts of hitting coach Ron “Papa Jack” Jackson and pitching coach Dave Wallace.
Manager Terry Francona stressed the two coaches weren’t to blame for the Sox decline this season; it was simply a matter of needing a change in both areas moving forward.
While it was announced as a “mutual decision,” there were indications both coaches wanted to return.

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