Tuesday, August 21, 2007

One Game Difference

To me, it's amazing what a difference one game makes. Yesterday, there was still panic in the air and Yankees fans were calling in left and right to the radio shows talking about how well the Bombers were playing and how the Sox weren't.

One day later and the talk is all about Vick and nothing about the Sox.

The difference? One game. The Sox went from 4 games up to 5 games up and all of a sudden, everything has calmed down.

I don't understand it. The Yankees were on a 3 wins for every one loss and everyone knows the Sox were sitting at .500 ball for two months. But even so, the Red Sox were still 4 games up.

I mean, think about that. The Red Sox were playing mediocre and the Yankees were playing phenomenal ball (record-wise) and the Sox were still four games up and had the best record in baseball.

What more do you want from your team?

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