Friday, October 05, 2007

Six Reasons You Should Watch The Patriots-Browns Game

Let's face it, the Patriots are romping on teams that people think are good and then stomping on the teams people think are bad this season. So, perhaps you're getting bored with all this romping and stomping and need some other inspiration for you to sit down and watch for three hours.

  1. You have Moss or Brady on your fantasy team
  2. Rodney Harrison will be back, which means the New England defense is about to get better
  3. You want to keep in touch with how much the rest of the nation hates the Patriots
  4. You want to feel better about benching all those players from the Browns you have on your fantasy team
  5. Romeo could come up with some insight into the Belichick mindset, turning this into a real game
  6. When the season is done, you want to look down on all those others who are 'just now jumping on the bandwagon.'

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