Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Skies Are Clearing

The skies are starting to clear out as game time approaches. The shock of seeing Dice-K go in Game two while Schilling was pushed back to Game three, plus Wakefield being left off the roster for a third catcher (is Mirabelli needed if Wakefield isn't pitching?) is still being felt here in the Bay State, but the excitement is building.

The Red Sox are clearly the favorites going into the series, but not by as much as I had hoped for at the beginning of the season. I thought the pitching would be right where it's at (given that they have been relatively healthy, although I will admit Beckett has done even better than I thought he would. You should have bet me on him winning the Cy Young!) It's the hitting that has disappointed, but not as much as it seems to have bothered others. They still have one of the top offensive teams in the League.

If they win:
  • If J.D. continues his .390 pace into the playoffs, all will be forgiven and forgotten.
  • No one will remember how Manny took a quarter of the season off.
  • Schilling will be re-signed for next year
  • Papelbon will show up on Dancing with the Stars
  • Dice-K will make a special appearance on the Tele-Tubbies
  • Mirabelli will be given a police escort out of Massachusetts

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