Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Memo to those who are bashing Tito

Not that I like to defend the Tito's moves, but who else was there? If Timlin couldn't pitch a second inning coming off the DL, then the Sox run out of options quickly.

Papelbon had already gone for two innings, then Timlin. After that, there just isn't much left in the bullpen.

There's Tavarez, Seanez, and Riske (Foulke went on the DL, not that you would want him out there right now, anyways). Which one of these do you want to see out there? Seanez may have been the best option, but he gave up 2 ER in his last outing.

The best option would be to bring up (and keep) Hansen and and the other kids. Let them get some big league time in. We're going to need them at the end of the season, not these others. But the kids weren't there on the bench last night.


Anonymous said...

The Unknown Soldiers would have loved to see Manny Delcarmen in the 12th.

Heck, I'd had liked El Guapo, El Duque, or el feo, but anybody other than El Stinko.

Mike said...

I don't blame you for wanting El Guapo, but Delcarmen may not be the best choice either. Currently Manny is doing well against lefties, but righties are another matter: vs. Left: .235 vs. Right: .417. He also has a 5.23 ERA, although ERA is never the best measure of a reliever.