Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thankfully, we can move on now

I'm just tired of hearing about Pedro. Are we going to boo/cheer him? Lose/win to him? Was it a good/bad deal?

I know Pedro is a great pitcher. I know he has injury issues. I thought the Sox were making sense when they only wanted to pay him for three years, not four. And as for whether or not we cheered him or booed him, I couldn't have cared less. He's on the Mets, now. I thank him for his help in winning the World Series, but it's time to move on and try to win another one. Not focus on what happened two years ago.

When Pedro retires and comes back for a fan day, that's when I'll care.

Right now, the Red Sox are trying to continue a great streak (11 wins!). Josh Beckett needs to pitch like the number two he's supposed to be (which he did last night, but not under a lot of pressure). This is what we should be focusing on.

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