Thursday, June 15, 2006

Red Sox better get their pitching act together

According to Tavarez (in the Herald) he's getting frustrated with his inconsistency. "This very frustrating. It'’s tough to face your teammates, losing a game like that, it'’s tough to sleep, especially after everyone else went out and did the job," Tavarez said. "It'’s tough to face Schilling, (Jonathan) Papelbon, and Mike Timlin, who went out and pitched so well. They worked hard to keep the game at 2-1. For me to go out there and not get the job done is really frustrating. It'’s been like that since the first day. I've been very inconsistent."

But then, that's been the story with the Red Sox pitching this year. Go down the line and except for Papelbon, every pitcher on the Red Sox has had some inconsistency. Some (Matt Clement) have just been downright awful, but most have just had up and down seasons so far.

Schilling: Despite his 9-2 record, Schilling had a down point this season. He seems to have figured it out and has been doing his job as ace since, though.

Beckett: Nothing but up and down. He's supposed to be 1b in this pitching rotation, and his record reflects that at 7-3, but he's also had games where he only lasted 3.2, 4.2 and 5 innings. That's not good enough to cover for a bullpen that just isn't very deep.

Wakefield: His record doesn't reflect the great start he had because he lacked run support. But in the month of May, he struggled and his ERA rose to 4.57. But just as he seemed to be getting that elusive knuckleball back, he's gone on the DL.

Wells and Clement have been more than just disappointing. They'be been just awful. It may be time for both of them to retire.

DiNardo, Lester and Pauley at least have the excuse of inexperience, but with ERA's of 7.11, 6.23, and 7.88 and a combined record of 1-4, they haven't been a lot of help.

Timlin, Foulke and Papelbon were the only bright spots in the bullpen, but now Timlin is on the DL with a dead arm (blamed on the Baseball Classic) and Foulke has tendonitis.

Despite that, the Red Sox are 36-27 and only one game back behind the Yankees (27-26). But if the pitchers don't get their act together, don't expect Toronto (36-29) to sit patiently behind them.

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