Tuesday, June 27, 2006

That's right, don't pitch to Papi

After all, it's only Manny Ramirez waiting in line to stride to the plate. The future hall-of-famer?

In case you forgot: Manny's awards:
1999 AL Hank Aaron Award;AL RBI Leader
2002 AL Batting Champion
2004 AL Hank Aaron Award;World Series MVP;AL Home Run Champion

Manny has hit over 100 RBI's each season since 1998.

Did we mention the slow start he's had this season? That's right, he only has 51 RBIs so far this year.

Ramirez has also hit 20 homers for the 12th consecutive year (including this year) and has 455 in his career, passing Thome, who had 454, for 28th place.

And you (John Tomase) think they should have walked Ortiz to load the bases to get to Manny?

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