Thursday, April 20, 2006

Current State of Pitching for the Red Sox

Before the season began, I was worried about three things, Schilling, Beckett and Foulke. Who knew Papelbon would take over the closers role (something I have mixed feelings about.. more later). Schilling looks great and Beckett isn't on the DL, yet.

Here's how the pitching looks as of right now for the Boston Red Sox:

Pitching - Basic
19Josh BeckettSP3330000041.2921.0126.211
30Matt ClementSP33110000147.0018.0147.329
55Lenny DiNardoRP3100000043.4810.152.357
29Keith FoulkeRP7000000044.328.161.241
58Jonathan PapelbonRP80007700008.082.111
54David RiskeRP10000000218.001.000.400
38Curt SchillingSP4440000051.6128.0234.172
37Rudy SeanezRP5000000069.006.073.370
51Julian TavarezRP3000000022.254.020.214
50Mike TimlinRP7020010011.356.223.308
49Tim WakefieldSP33120010114.3418.2135.263
16David WellsSP11010000715.754.011.476
Total 15151147810603.76134.09334.262

Very impressive, no?

My only problem is, I don't want Papelbon to become a closer. I'd rather have him as a starter. But how do you take him out of a role he's filling so well? The only way is if Lester comes up from the minors, there's no question Foulke has regained his form, or if our number 4 and 5 pitchers are so bad they are forced to make a move. I don't see any of these things happening for quite some time. So it looks like Papelbon will be our closer for a while.

I know I shouldn't be complaining, but I feel that Papelbon could be the next big thing as a starter.


Seandiego said...

Your just mad I picked him up as free agent before you.

Mike said...

You're right! I am mad about that, but that's not why I wish pap was a starter. I'll be just as upset when you get the wins and k's for having him when he becomes a starter.