Wednesday, April 05, 2006

MLB Salaries are increasing

But I don't blame the Yankees or the Red Sox. Despite having the top payrolls in baseball, their payrolls have remained steady the past few years. It's the middle and low end teams that are upping the ante this year.

According to ESPN, salaries for MLB players (on opening day) have increased 9% over last year. Quite a difference two years makes. In 2004, payrolls had actually decreased 2%. Everyone was talking about the different layout and how things have changed.

What has changed is the lower end teams are putting more money into their teams, while the big payroll teams have stayed where they are. The ESPN story cites how the Yankees have the three highest paid players in baseball. But they also note the Yankees payroll has dropped since last year, while the median salary has increased to 1 million. Which means its the lower teams that are increasing payroll.

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