Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wondering why Schilling came out in the seventh?

Why bring out Schilling in the seventh? He wasn't pitching great last night, your bullpen was rested, his pitch count was already over 100. And most important, it's April. Why push a starter who spent most of last year on the DL.

Now I know that Curt has basically healed, and that he is a workhorse who prefers to pitch more, not less. But it is still April, with a long season to go.

Was it just to get that 5th win? Was Terry Francona thinking about that?

And in another questionable move, why bring Timlin in the middle of the inning with inherited runners? The Red Sox have to know by now that Timlin struggles with this situation. Why do it?

Yes, the ultimately won the game, but some questionable calls by Tito last night leave me scratching my head.

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