Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Nomar hits a grand slam

Nomar Garciappara hit a grand slam in the ninth inning to help the Los Angeles Red Sox win against Houston last night. And he did it against one of the best closers in the National League, Lidge. Since Derek Lowe was out after 7, Saito got the win.

"I just threw the barrel at it, tried to drive it," Garciaparra said. "Fortunately for me I got lucky and it went out for me."

"I threw him two fastballs I thought were pretty good," Lidge said, "and then I threw him the third one and he was right on it."

"Just get a ball I can drive and get it up in the air," Garciaparra said. "If you get the ball in the air, you get a guy in. If not, worse-case scenario, you've got a guy in Bill Mueller who will give you a good at-bat."

It's awfully strange to read any play-by-play for the Dodgers this year. It's like reading a 'what if we kept them' column.


Seandiego said...

You're just mad that Nomah cost you in fantasy. The only person on the Dodgers I wish we had kept is Bill Mueller, and if Lowell keeps playing like the Lowell who earned his big contract and not the Lowell who looked like a post steroid fraud, I'll be happ with it.

Mike said...

That's alright. Manny made up for the trade already.

I wouldn't count on Lowell keeping it up. But you never know. I'll still take him, given we had to in order to get Beckett.