Friday, April 28, 2006

I'll pass

At this point, I should be throwing in my guesses as to who the Patriots are going to pick in the draft this weekend. But, as we all know, guessing what Pioli and Belichick are up to is just whistling in the dark (See the Boston Herald's draft board for Belichick and Pioli). They have no intention of letting out who they want or even making 'logical' choices. They tend to trade down in order to promote the future, but with so few first and second round picks, I'm not sure they'll be doing that this year.

Instead, they always go for who they think is the best on the board at any position, regardless of need. So, while I think I know what their needs are at each position, that doesn't help me predict who they're going to pick. So, I'm not going to pick a who, but a what.

My prediction is that they will not move up (significantly) in the draft. None of their needs is so pressing that they need to move up in that first round. Instead, I expect they will trade away some of their picks for next year (say a no 3 for a no 2 next year). That's why they have been so successful. They are always thinking about the future, not just the now.

In case you're wondering what their picks are: Round (selection): 1 (21), 2 (52), 3 (75), 3 (86), 4 (106), 4 (118), 5 (136), 6 (191), 6 (205), 6 (206), 7 (229).

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