Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Selig tries to shame Manny for not going to all-star game

But, really, has that ever worked before? Owners, teammates, fans, talk show hosts, all have taken shots at Manny for one reason or another. And what effect has it had on him? None. He still jogs to first when he knows he's going to be out. I mean, he even has his own catch phrase, "That's just Manny being Manny".

And Selig thinks he can shame him? Focus on your own problems and let the players focus on theirs. - Boston Red Sox: Selig blasts Ramirez for bailing out

Speaking at a noontime luncheon hosted by the Baseball Writers Association of America, Selig said, “Look, maybe I’m old-fashioned, you’re voted onto the All-Star team, it’s a privilege. You ought to be here.”

The Red Sox cited an injury to Ramirez’ right knee as his reason for sitting out the game. But Selig pointed out that other players unable to play last night, such as pitcher Tom Glavine and shortstop Jose Reyes, both of the Mets, made the trip to Pittsburgh to take part in the festivities.

“The only thing I want to say in all fairness is that he’s the only player we had that problem with this year,” Selig said of Ramirez. “Everybody else has been terrific. Tommy Glavine does the right thing. He comes anyway. Of course he can’t pitch, but he comes anyway. And Reyes is also here and he can’t (play). But he’s here. This is an honor.

“Do you know how many people in life would give, would run through a brick wall to have this kind of honor?”

Selig then added, “I need a vacation too, but . . .”

In the meantime, it's been reported that Manny may have a torn cartilage in his right knee, but he can still play for the season. It looks like Manny may have a legitimate excuse this year for sitting games out when he wants to. The Red Sox won't confirm the injury, though.

In other all-star news, Curt Schilling was invited at the last second to join the festivities, but ... “I got a call (Monday) asking me to be part of the team at 11 o’clock in the morning. They asked me to replace people for the same reason they said I didn’t get picked, which really kind of bothered me a little bit,” Schilling said during his weekly call-in on WEEI-AM yesterday. “It wasn’t something I felt right about.”

Schilling may be a little worried about his elbow after taking a big hit from a line drive off of Jim Thome's bat.


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