Thursday, July 13, 2006

Wily Mo Pena and the fifth starter

Remember him? He should be activated off of the DL today. Also, Kyle Snyder may be coming back to Boston, now that Jason has been sent back down.

Are we ever going to have a fifth starter? Given that there are no real options out there for trades, it looks like Clement or Wells need to recover somehow for the Sox to get someone to fill in. While not urgent (I'm sure every team in the league wishes they had stability in their fifth starter), the Sox are one more line drive off an elbow from this team going from the playoffs to going home.

Without a real no. 2 starter, that fifth hole becomes more important. With the issues Wakefield has been having, it becomes more urgent. If Lester hadn't shown us what he can do, it would be an outright emergency.

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