Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Talk today is about Manny

If Manny doesn't go to the All-Star game, is that really a problem for everyone? Yes, he was the top vote getter, but so? It's an exhibition game.

Just because MLB says 'it counts' this year, doesn't make it true. Home field advantage to the winning division is nice, but not really a big deal.

With a line-up like they have for the AL team, even if Manny showed up, would he really make a difference?

For my part, I hope he stays home and gets some rest. His team will need him in the second half, just as they did in the first. Without a true 5th batter, numbers 3 and 4 (Ortiz and Manny) have to carry most of the offensive weight on their shoulders. That can really put a strain on the body.

And without a true number two starting pitcher, their offense is going to be needed even more. Toronto and NY are not going to go away. This will be a close race right up to the finish and I doubt the wild card is going to come from the East this year. Somebody is going to stay home.

So, I hope Manny stays home and rests up. Frankly, I wish Ortiz would do the same, but at least he's having fun so far.

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