Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Wells is ready to go?

I hate to agree, but if Wells is ready, let's throw him out there. He can't be any worse than the other starters by committee.

BostonHerald.com - Boston Red Sox: Wells simulates success: Lefty passes test; decision due

Forget the rehab outing, start David Wells right now.
That’s the sentiment of the Red Sox hitters who faced the veteran left-hander during his five impressive innings under simulated game conditions yesterday at McAfee Coliseum. The team is pondering whether to have Wells throw another similar outing or head to the minors over the weekend for a rehab start.

And you know I mean it given how I feel about Wells. That's how much the Red Sox need another starter. Beckett and Schilling (and isn't it nice to add Beckett to the list of reliable starters... I mean two starts in a row he's mowed'em down) need the help. So do the relievers.

But most likely, we won't see Wells until August 3rd.  He'll probably get a start in AAA, then move on up.

BTW, my prediction for trades involving the Red Sox is for middle relief. With the added strain of backing up pitchers who are only going five or six innings at a time, Theo should be expecting some injuries in the middle relief corps. I hope he is, anyways.

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