Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Branch is likely out until Sept 15th

And that's at best. He has two grievances the NFL are hoping to join into one: - N.E. Patriots: NFL looks to combine Branch’s grievances

Branch’s first grievance claims the Pats didn’t live up to their promise to trade him if they received an acceptable offer.
His second grievance would claim the Pats have negotiated in bad faith through his holdout.

It looks like the Pats strategy of letting Deion look for a trade is backfiring. It may have seemed like a good idea at the time, letting Branch get a whiff of reality about how the league perceives his value, it seems Seattle and the Jets have offered more than what the Pats were expecting them to.

While I have every confidence in Brady's ability to make his wide receivers look good, having Branch off the field is not going to help the Pats win games. Yes, the running game looks stronger this year. But if Brady can't 'spread the field', it won't matter how good a running back Maroney is. If the defense can fill the box up, he and Dillon won't be going anywhere.

I hope Deion can come to some agreement with the Patriots, but its definitely looking worse every day.

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