Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I have a tendency to root for the Browns

It's easy to do so, because I liked what Romeo did when he was here. And, he's not in direct competition with the Patriots. But I thought the team would be better this year.
BostonHerald.com - NFL Coverage: Back to drawing board for Browns

"We didn’t play as well as we could have played or thought we could have played," he said. "We weren’t very good at all, particularly in the first half. ... We are only as good as we are, and we aren’t very good right now."
Woe, Romeo.
From their first offensive play (a 74-yard touchdown pass to Braylon Edwards that was called back by a holding penalty) to their last play (a dropped pass by Edwards that turned into a game-clinching interception) the Browns were brutal in a 19-14 loss to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday.

Now, the Patriots played terribly on Sunday and I believe they are a better team than what they showed. But I'm not sure the same thing applies to the Browns. I know that one week doesn't make a season, and Cleveland will win some of their games. But they did look terrible.

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