Thursday, September 28, 2006

Red Sox wrap up

As the season limps to a close, I thought I'd wrap up the season with a few notes about the latest in Fenway news.

Pesky is finally getting the right field pole named after him. Despite being called Pesky's pole for years, it was never official, so on his 87th birthday, the Sox officially honored him by officially dedicating the right-field pole in his name.

Ortiz is auctioning off number 52.

Manny has only played once in the past month, but does it really matter? To be honest, I wish they had just brought everyone from the AAA up, sent everyone on the major league team home (put them on IR) and see what happens. See who prospers and who sinks, and let the chips fall where they may.

Clement has apparently had his shoulder fall off based on the comments on radio. He's superman for playing through the pain, trying hard to get back despite all the tearing inside his rotator cuff. But, at the end of the day, he'll be staying home next year too trying to recover, with little chance he'll ever pitch in a Red Sox uniform again (although the injury is being touted as not likely career ending).

Beckett came in with 16 wins (seems high, given his ERA of 5.01), Schilling with 15 (seems lower than what I thought he had). The next closest win count was 7 for Lester and Wakefield. This seems almost crazy to me. How did they do as well as they did if the pitchers winning were this low?

Whether the Blue Jays or the Red Sox come in third doesn't matter to me at all. All that matters is they are done for this year. Whether your down by 2 games or 50 doesn't matter.

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