Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Seattle is going to be a better team for the trade

With Jackson, Engram and now Branch as their leading wideouts and Alexander at RB, Seattle is going to be a tough team to crack this year.

I think the Patriots got what they could for Branch, and I doubt any other outcome would have been better for the team. But when you look at what Seattle could do (including running through the playoffs), I look at this trade as possible coming back to haunt the Patriots. Imagine if it comes down to Seattle vs the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

And yes, I know it's wayyyy to early to worry about the Super Bowl.

BostonHerald.com - N.E. Patriots: What they’re saying in Seattle...

It’s a move that makes sense in the present and in the future, and that sound you just heard was the rest of the NFL gasping over how committed the Seahawks really are to winning a championship.
The beautiful thing about this deal is the Seahawks didn’t have to make it. No matter how poorly the offense performed at Detroit on Sunday, it still will be a productive unit. Even if wide receiver Darrell Jackson limps through the season, the Seahawks still have enough weapons to get by.
But who wants to merely get by seven months after a Super Bowl defeat? Go ahead and sing the chorus once more: the Seahawks’ time is now.

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