Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wakefield and next year

This is good news for anyone who cares about next year. Since the Red Sox signed Wakefield to a contract that allows them to re-up him every year, the fact that Tim felt good and played well is very good news for next season. The Red Sox basically fell apart starting from when he went down. Next year, with Schilling in his last year, will see a healthy Wakefield returning to the rotation to back him and Beckett up. - Boston Red Sox: Wake can’t revive Sox -- Knuckler gets no help

As late as two weeks ago, Wakefield could not throw a baseball 90 feet but his recovery since has been swift. Aside from some stiffness with the first couple of warmup pitches last night, he felt fine throughout the 78-pitch outing.
“I was excited, the butterflies were going,” Wakefield said. “Physically, I felt great. I could have gone one (inning) more but they put the brakes on.”

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