Thursday, November 17, 2005

A quote that sums up the Patriots injury's nicely

"We just can't afford any more injuries. We just can't afford any more on offense. We hardly have enough guys to get out there and suit up." -- Tom Brady

At the end of the win over Miami, the Patriots were without six players deemed offensive starters at the beginning of the season -- seven if you include fullback Patrick Pass. Only five players -- Brady, receiver Deion Branch, tight end Benjamin Watson, guard Stephen Neal, and guard Logan Mankins -- who started the season opener against Oakland, were on the field in the fourth quarter at Dolphins Stadium.

Koppen becomes the 12th of the 23 offensive players on the opening roster to miss a game because of injury. Just 10 of 27 listed defensive players have missed a game. (Linebacker Tedy Bruschi, who was on the physically unable to perform list, isn't included in that count.)

This comes from the Boston Globe.

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bentley92 said...

Have you seen the injury list for this week? Finally some good news, people are moving up to doubtful (if you can take that as good news).