Saturday, November 12, 2005

Why the Dolphins could win tomorrow

The Patriots are favored in tomorrow's match-up against the Miami Dolphins tomorrow at home. But there are some reasons for concern.

First, all of the AFC teams have played tough against each other the past few years. There's nothing to hide, no tricks you haven't seen. They know who you are and you know them. Playing against each other twice a year means you see each other's film a lot. So, don't expect a lot of trick plays like we saw last week against the Colts. The Dolphins won't fall for them.

The Patriots injury list just seems to go on for ever. Did you know that Brady is on that list? And has been for weeks (shoulder). He'll be playing tomorrow, but that's just one more indication of how hurt this team really is. Seymour may have practiced yesterday, but he did the same thing 2 weeks ago. The only good indicator is how the injury has been described as the same as last year. Tomorrow will mark 6 weeks since Richard injured his knee. Miami's injury list? No one.

There really is more to read!

Kevin Faulk RB Out Foot Missed Portion
Matt Light T Out Ankle Missed Portion
Tom Ashworth T Questionable Knee Missed Portion
Troy Brown WR Questionable Foot Missed Portion
Corey Dillon RB Questionable Ankle Missed Portion
Tim Dwight WR Questionable Rib Missed Portion
Randall Gay CB Questionable Ankle Missed Portion
David Givens WR Questionable Knee Missed Portion
Daniel Graham TE Questionable Shoulder Missed Portion
Jarvis Green DE Questionable Shoulder Missed Portion
Marquise Hill DE Questionable Ankle Missed Portion
Ellis Hobbs CB Questionable Thigh Missed Portion
Patrick Pass FB Questionable Hamstring Missed Portion
James Sanders S Questionable Ankle Missed Portion
Richard Seymour DE Questionable Knee Missed Portion
Ty Warren DE Questionable Hip Missed Portion
Tom Brady QB Probable Right Shoulder
The Miami Dolphins report no injuries

And of course, Miami is at home. I don't expect a strong home field advantage. The Dolphins haven't had a strong team, and that may keep a lot of fans home, despite playing against the Champs. Of course, since the Pats haven't played well, either, that may keep the casual fans home, too.

And don't forget the two headed attack that is the Miami running offense (pass offense? don't ask). Ronnie Brown is working on rookie of the year. And don't forget Ricky Williams is still capable of breaking a big one (if he isn't so high he forgets which end zone he's supposed to be running towards, that is).

Oh, and don't forget Jason Taylor. He's a monster when it comes to getting sacks (68 since 2000). So, if he comes in on the week side, look for Graham or Dillon to stay in and block.

Do I think Miami will win? No. But if the Pats aren't careful, Miami can beat them. So be careful, play smart and we'll see you in the playoffs.

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