Friday, November 11, 2005

What's with Seymour?

People are asking about why Seymour didn't play last week. Is he malingering? While it's understandable that the fans want Richard back into the line-up, but making him rush back with questions like this is a bad idea. Especially now when the schedule's getting easier and the road to the playoffs is wide open for the Patriots.

Seymour's injury has been described as being similar to last year's injury that kept him out for 6 weeks. Making him rush back before he's healed will only harm the football team when it comes to crunch time. So, let's relax, enjoy the game this Sunday and hope that Richard is taking it easy getting his knee healed.

Update: Seymour practiced today, but then he practiced a couple weeks ago in the lead up to the Buffalo game.

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