Thursday, August 25, 2005

Despite all the complaints

Despite all the complaints this year about Bellhorn, Millar, and Renteria's woes at the plate, it looks to me like Epstein and Francona know what they're doing. Consider this: The Red Sox are first in Runs scored, 2nd in doubles, 7th in homeruns, 1st in RBI's, 1st in BB, 1st in OBP, 3rd in SLG, and 1st in AVE. Not bad for having Bellhorn, Millar and Renteria dragging you down for most of the first half.

Something you might want to consider when it comes to looking at average. The second ranking team in average is the Detroit Tigers. The third is Tampa Bay. Meanwhile the last place team is the Washington Nationals. Do you remember way back when they were the hottest team in baseball?

I'd like to take a look into Theo's plan and how well it's working, specifically On Base Percentage (OBP). The median OBP for teams is about .330. The position players who have a lower OBP than that on the Sox this year (at least 30 AB) include Bellhorn, Mirabelli, Kapler, and Cora. That's it. Everyone else who's a position player has a higher OBP than .330!

BTW, Youkilis (.390) and Ortiz (.389) are leading the team in OBP (at least 30 AB).

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