Friday, August 19, 2005

Hazel Eyes

Hey, did you know how eye color works? My wife and I think that our daughter has hazel eyes.

Two genes, bey2 and gey, work together to make brown, green, or blue eyes. Each gene comes in two versions or alleles.

One form of bey2 makes lots of melanin (and is usually referred to as B) while the other form makes only a little (b). One form of gey makes some melanin (G) while the other makes only a little (b).

So how do you get eye color from all of this? If you have B you get brown eyes, G but no B, green eyes and if you only have b, then you get blue eyes.

Most likely, hazel eyes simply have more melanin than green eyes but less than brown eyes. There are lots of ways to get this level of melanin genetically.
? My wife told me this last night. Isn't that weird?

BTW, a woman robot was built in Japan. Take a look, it's kind of freaky.

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