Saturday, August 27, 2005

Umm.. then what are they going to do?

I'm real happy to hear the Foulke's almost back. At the end of the season, I think how he pitches will have a bigger affect on how the Sox do in the playoffs than even Schilling.

From the Boston Herald: ``I don't think you just hand him the ball with a one-run lead after not pitching for a month,'' Francona said after the Red Sox opened a homestand with last night's 9-8 victory against the Detroit Tigers at Fenway Park.
Well, if Foulke isn't going to be the closer, then who is? Timlin is not a closer. He's a middle reliever and he's going to need some rest before the end of the season. And what will Foulke's role be?

In other news, I'm glad they won one, but I think a caller on WEEI today had it right. Unless there's a big change in the bullpen, they're going to have to keep winning this way, by simply outscoring on the offensive side of the ball, because their pitching just isn't getting the job done. I felt so much better about the team last year at this point. I felt like they had underachieved up to this point with the pitching they had (Lowe in particular). But this year, I feel like they're overachieving with the talent they have. Offensively, you just can't ask for more, but their pitching is just struggling right now.


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