Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Randy Johnson is a disappointment

From the Boston Herald:

``He hasn't performed to his expectation or ours, but that's not something that hasn't happened before, either,'' general manager Brian Cashman said before last night's game against Toronto.

Johnson is 11-8 with a 4.34 ERA and has allowed 29 home runs – one shy of his career high and the second-most in the major leagues behind Cincinnati's Eric Milton (35). The five-time Cy Young Award winner is winless in four starts since July 26.

``I can't say that we expected this stuff. Every time you put his name down in the lineup, you expect Randy Johnson to dominate,'' Yankees manager Joe Torre said. ``I'm surprised. He's surprised, too.''

Wow, I can't believe they would say things like this about a player. How would you like to be Randy this morning? Not that what they are saying isn't true, but still. It's amazing how different the AL is from the NL. Pedro is being reborn in his NL debut, while Johnson is struggling.

Why does one hitter make such a big difference. I've heard the rule of thumb is .5 difference in ERA between the two leagues. So if Randy was pitching in the NL again this year, his ERA would be a respectable 3.84, instead of a disappointing 4.34 . Meanwhile Pedro's would be 3.36 in the AL, but instead he's sitting pretty at 2.86 (9th in MLB).

BTW, has anyone else noticed how Pedro is hitting fewer people this year? He's only hit 2 people so far this year! It's a little bit different when you have to face the pitcher next time!

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