Thursday, August 25, 2005

Remaining Schedule

Well, a lot of talk has been done lately about the remaining schedule and how the Yankees have it easier than the rest. I looked at the remaining schedule for the Yanks, Cleveland, Oakland, Red Sox, and Minnesota.

Well, the glee I felt when I looked at the Red Sox schedule for the end of August must be matched by the feeling Minnesota, Cleveland, and the Yanks must be feeling right now. Minnesota gets to face KC 7 more times. Cleveland has KC and TB lined up 12 times while the yanks get them 9. But then, the Yanks have (for some reason) not matched up well with TB this year. So, maybe they aren't as excited as you might think.

Oakland seems to have the toughest road ahead. Their remaining opponents have a winning percentage of 0.516. That can't be easy to face up to when they know their rivals have an easier schedule: Red Sox: .500, Yankees: .478, Cleveland: .483, and Minnesota: .500.

On WEEI this morning, they were talking about the trade of Manny for A-Rod. I have to admit I'm not happy with Manny this morning, but I wouldn't trade him for A-Rod. It seems to me that Manny plays better under pressure, he brings his team up (not down) and besides which, I really wouldn't want this photo associated with my team!

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