Friday, August 19, 2005

Despite last night's game

It looks like there's good news out of the Sox today after all. Nixon is feeling better and Foulke is continuing his rehab. While Bellhorn is about to be designated and then released. One other note: Kevin Millar's homerless streak is at 179 at-bats and counting.

Pats looked good last night, although some are saying Brady wasn't too sharp. But then Felger is a pessimistic brat who loves to stir the pot. I say it doesn't matter, they only put them in for a few series to try some things and that's it. It's like trying to judge preseason pitchers. They go out there and throw 12 curve balls in a row, just to practice the pitch. They really don't care if the guy hits one out.

This makes sense to me, but I can't believe anyone would still be holding onto Bonds at this late date in a fantasy league. I could understand why someone (else) would draft Bonds at the beginning of the year, but to still have him?

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