Thursday, August 18, 2005

My team

What do you think? I'm not unhappy with anyone except for Bell. I had to drop my backup kicker (who cares?) to get Anderson, since it's looking more and more like Anderson is going to be the starter over second year Tatum Bell.

M. Bulger (StL - QB)
B. Griese (TB - QB)
S. Smith(Car - WR)
Ro. Williams (Det - WR)
Ma. Clayton (Bal - WR)
D. Stallworth (NO - WR)
P. Holmes (KC - RB)
T. Bell (Den - RB)
T. Duckett (Atl - RB)
M. Anderson (Den - RB)
K. Jones (Det - RB)
D. Graham (NE - TE)
B. Franks (GB - TE)

K and DEF
J. Wilkins (StL - K)
Buffalo, Tampa Bay

BTW, as per my post about how to draft: I drafted in the first three rounds: Holmes, Jones, and Bell. Then I picked up Bulger in the 4th. After that, finding a rb was very difficult.

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