Sunday, August 28, 2005

Taking advantage

Well, in the past 10 games, the Sox are 4-6 while the Yanks have gone 7-3. It seems to me that the Yankees are taking advantage of the chances they're getting, while the Sox are letting them slip away. After looking at the schedule for the end of August, I was beginning to think the Sox could run away with the division. Or at least maintain the 5 game lead they had. But so much for hope.

Now it's just going to get tougher, although the one hope (schedule-wise) I'm maintaining is the number of home games the Sox have left. And it's a good hope to rest your head on, since they're 2:1 win:loss ratio is one of the best in baseball (see Atlanta).

If they maintain their win:loss ratio through the end of the season, they'll end with 93 wins or so. That's not a bad record, but will it be enough if the Yankees don't stumble against TB?


Anonymous said...

go soooooooox! I think they will maintain the ratio and I think itll be enough, cause it has to be! :) Yo, go to There are a bunch of articles on baseball and other sports. Dont lose hope, man.

Mike said...

Oh, I'm not losing hope, I'm just wondering who's going to win the division?