Monday, August 22, 2005

Millar is O-U-T

Let’s face it, Millar has been struggling all year long, and although Francona didn’t want to face up to it, he should have been benched a long time ago for Olerud. Admittedly, Millar had a reprieve when Olerud went on the DL, but that reprieve is now over. Olerud is officially the “everyday” first baseman, and Millar is the backup.
As Millar says, ''I mean, John Olerud deserves to be playing 100 percent. I haven't been able to swing the bat the way I'm capable of, and we are at a point in the season where we have to do whatever gives us the best chance to win.”

Even though he’s on the highest scoring team in the league, Millar has only 4 HR, 99 hits, 41 RBI, and 43 runs. To put these numbers in perspective, Mark Bellhorn has 41 runs and 7 home runs.

In other news, WR Davis was traded to the Pats for an undisclosed draft pick by Romeo's Cleveland Browns. Except that it was Romeo doing the trading, it's not very interesting news, but what do you expect in the preseason? Unfortunately, if you look at any websites about the Pats, you're going to see this story, so I figured I better jump on the bandwagon.

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