Sunday, October 23, 2005

Dead teams in fantasy games

Dead teams in fantasy sports are such a pain. In my yahoo league (of which I am the commissioner) there is a team that went dead. The coach was contacted and he had believed his team had been removed (by his choice) before the season had started. And now that he has been informed that his team is still live, he still isn't interested. So what do you do?

1) You can kill his team by waiving all the players. Not a good choice, as it just gives a bye week (easy win) for anyone playing against him. And this team isn't that bad. (He's currently 4-2). So if we drop his team the teams who lost would be unfairly influenced by a team that everyone else gets an automatic win against.

2) Change his players (I can change his line-up) week to week as if he was playing. But if I start changing his team week to week now, again, I'm changing things in the future that the teams who played against him the first six weeks can't do.

3) This is an sub-option of 2). Go back and put in the best line-up each of the first six weeks as well. Well, don't we all wish we could take the guy off the bench who did the best. But would that be fair?

What would you do?

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CT said...

I never played fantasy football, but I ran into dead teams alot on Yahoo Fantasy Hockey. Really frustrating, because the owner typically wouldn't respond to emails or forum posts. During the course of the season, the dead team was bound to have at least one or two good players on the roster (especially starting goalies, which were always in short supply), and the active fantasy leaguers would get frustrated because they couldn't add players who would help them.

It's just a fact of life in free leagues. When you're paying, it's less likely that a team will go dead.

In your case, I'd say you waive all the players. You should have done so in Week 1 or 2, to minimize the pain for all involved. But now, you just want to get it over with.