Friday, October 14, 2005

Should Bruschi come back?

The talk of the town for the past couple of days has been about two things. The first: what kind of call was that by the umpire the other night and the second: is Bruschi going to come back to play for the Pats?

Well, everyone has already talked to death about what the "mechanic" was and how the umpire screwed up. Locally, the bigger issue is should Teddy be allowed to play?

The Krafts have made it clear that it's up to Bruschi on whether or not he should be allowed to play, although I'm sure they will be worried about and doing all they can to cover themselves in liability. That's just a fact of today's world for businessmen and lawyers.

I'm sure his team would be pleased to see him. He was their captain and their best player. And he would be an upgrade to the injury depleted backfield.

He may have been underrated nationally, but locally, he's a fan favorite who should have been elected to the Pro Bowl more often. The fans would love to see him in uniform once again.

But the real question is, would his wife and family? On the morning of his stroke, it's been reported that one of the first indications that something was wrong was when his kid came into the room and he could not see him. Now I know that Bruschi is a competitor, and is itching to get back into the game. But that sort of thing is a strong indicator that it may be time to slow down and enjoy what you have.

Should Bruschi come back? That's up to him and his family to decide. I hope they make the right decision.

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Mojotek said...

It is a tough call... I love the guy, but if he decided to come back he should do it for all the right reasons and way all the consequences.