Sunday, October 30, 2005

Theo's contract is up tomorrow

Will he or won't he. That's the big question for Red Sox Nation today. With Theo's contract running out tomorrow at midnight (and what kind of Halloween is that?), Boston Globe reporter, Dan Shaugnessy has come out with the belief that Theo will put aside his differences with Larry and sign up for a few more years.

Personally, I think too much is being said about Theo's apprenticeship to Larry and their relationship. I think Theo is just doing exactly what he's been trained to do. Holding out for the best deal just makes sense these days in sports. And who can blame them?

Mind you, there have been some cases ("My family needs to eat") of athletes who have tried to make a bigger case that have gone overboard. It makes a lot more sense when the athlete (or in this case, GM) come out with the honest truth. Say it like it is, and add in a little bit of kindness to the fans. It's not that hard.

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