Thursday, October 27, 2005

It sounds like Theo will be leaving

I'm pretty shocked. I thought they would be making a deal, but the news stories 'leaking' to the press are starting to sound more and more like when Nomar left. The stories about how he wants more, how he rejected a good offer, etc... Without saying anything bad about Theo, the Sox have been 'hinting' that it's not going to be their fault if he leaves.

According to stories in the Globe, Theo has rejected a three year, 1.2 million a year contract. The sticking point is how much control Theo has over baseballl operations. Apparently, he's tired of having Larry looking over his shoulder.

Either way, an announcement about a decision is expected out of the front office about Theo's future here in Boston in the next couple of days. But then, we've been expecting some decision to be made for weeks, even months before now. But this time there is a real time limit. Theo's contract runs out on the 31st.

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