Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Paul Konerko to Boston

The talk in Boston today is all about Konerko becoming a free agent this off season. Now it's been reported that Paul is not interested in coming to the East Coast, but just the thought was enough to get me excited. Imagine 3-4-5 being Ortiz, Manny, and Paul. Wow. Think of the power in there.

Konerko's numbers:
1997LA6701001200 .250 .143 .143
1998LA-CIN752172147729164001 .276 .332 .217
1999CHW142513711512481456810 .352 .511 .294
2000CHW143524841562197477210 .363 .481 .298
2001CHW156582921643299548910 .349 .507 .282
2002CHW1515708117327104447200 .359 .498 .304
2003CHW137444491041865435000 .305 .399 .234
2004CHW15556384156411176910710 .359 .535 .277
2005CHW15857598163401008110900 .375 .534 .283
TOTAL 11233995580111521069240060941 .349 .488 .279

And that was with Chicago. Imagine what his numbers would look like here. Imagine this year's numbers with a true 5 hitter.

Konerko would also fill in the gaping hole at first. Of course, the other possibility would be Manny finally getting his wish and leaving the Red Sox. In that case, Konerko would fill Manny's shoes in the line-up.

Mind, this wouldn't fix what's really wrong with the Boston Red Sox. If they don't get some better pitching, it really won't matter who they pick up in the free agent market this year.

Congratulations on finding a gazoo.


Scott Janssens said...

U.S. Cellular is one of the best hitter's parks in baseball. His numbers wouldn't improve at Fenway. As he generally hits line drive homeruns to left or right center, I'd expect his home run totals to decrease at Fenway and his doubles to increase.

Mike said...

All very good points, but I would expect his rbi's would increase dramatically. Chicago has no other hitters to speak of.

J-WAB said...

He'd be a huge improvement over Millar even if his numbers take a small dip. The problem is how much money he's going to command on the open market and the number of holes that Boston is going to need to fill (bullpen, starting rotation, center field). If there's only money for one over-priced free agent, I'd much rather they get B.J. Ryan.

Mike said...

While it would be nice if we had BJ Ryan, you would have to find someone to take Foulke, first. They're not going to pay Foulke that much money to be the setup man.

I agree they need to shore up pitching first, but just the thought of adding a real 5 hole...

Jill said...

Thanks for the visit... Can we get Konerko? If you cant beat them, trade for them!