Tuesday, October 04, 2005

If you had a magic wand?

The WEEI idiots were talking this morning about "If you had a magic wand, and you could make any one of the following 5 true (but only 1!) for the series against the Angels, what would you pick?

1) Pick any one starting pitcher and turn him into "Josh Beckett" from a few years ago.
2) Take Timlin and turn him into a great closer.
3) Renteria will not make any errors at all.
4) Papi and Manny will be lights out hitting.
5) the 5,6,7 and 8 hitters will pick up the slack they've been dropping lately.

What would you pick (let me know in the comments!)?

If I had that magic wand, I would make 2 happen. Our starting rotation can keep them in games, and Anaheims' pitching doesn't scare me. But our bullpen does. If we could ensure Timlin was in perfect form to shut the door on any late inning come backs, I think we'll be all set.

By the way, the idiots picked 1) for Clement to pitch lights out. Their reasoning was fairly simple in that he may pitch twice in this series, and he's the only starter they feel is shaky (in the head).


Seandiego said...

Can we get past Chicago first?

Mike said...

I certainly hope so! :-)

Looks like the idiots may have had something when it comes to Clement, though. If it comes back to the fifth game, who's going to pitch?