Monday, October 31, 2005

Now that practice is over

I can't decide if yesterday's win was a good thing or a bad thing. They almost seemed emotionally drained from Bruschi's return, rather than energized. I guess almost two weeks of questions about Teddy can be wearing, but you would still like to think they would be excited by having a playmaker in the middle again.

The Patriots did not show up to play for three quarters, yet turned it on enough to win in the end. There was almost no scoring done in the first half, the only 3 points on the board was a 23 yard field goal by Lindell. With 7 seconds left, Vinatieri missed on his second attempt at a 44 yard field goal. He made the first, but it was nullified by a delay of game penalty.

The Pats were the better team last night, but their defense was fairly horrid. McGahee had 136 yards on 31 carries, and he always seemed to be in the secondary. Kelly Holcomb, the eternal backup, went 20/33 for 263 yards, with 1 td and 1 interception. Moulds had 9 receptions (and didn't it seem like he had more than that?) for 125 yards. Both teams had 2 turnovers. Hopefully, Seymour will be back to anchor the line again next week.

They have their biggest game of the season next week against the undefeated Colts and I'm not sure who's going to come out and play. Will it be the team that finished off the Bills in the fourth quarter? Or will it be the team that looked like it was sleep walking because of the time change?

Speaking of which, whoever scheduled the Pats game as a night game to follow daylight savings should be shot. I'm exhausted.

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Seandiego said...

You should live in CA. I am wide awake. Plus no snow.

The Pats were to busy looking ahead to the Colts, and it almost cost them. Brady wouldn't let them lose a game like that though. I think it's the head coach who is sleep walking. This team never used to play flat in the past. He needs to wake them up.