Friday, October 07, 2005

Wells is ready for Game 5

It's official, Clement is in the bullpen for game 3 and Wells is ready for Game 5 (if necessary). ''For me, three days, if I was younger, yeah, I wouldn't have a problem," said the 42-year-old Wells, who is the oldest Red Sox pitcher to start a postseason game. ''Now that I'm older, three days would be tougher. I don't think you're as strong."

A side note on Jenks' performance the other night: ''Something we saw out of him last night, which I don't think we knew, and I noticed it from second, is his ball was cutting a little bit," Graffanino said. ''Which at 97 miles per hour isn't fair. That's [Mariano] Rivera-ish. We know the success Mariano's had."

As for today's game, Wakefield is talking about what it means and how the team has prepared for it. ``Being in the postseason with this team, being in the situation before, I think everybody in the clubhouse knows how we have to play (today),'' Wakefield said. ``I think everybody's ready. I know I am. I'm going to go out there (today) and do the best that I can. Playing them during the regular season, they've hit the ball very well against us, we just have to stay aggressive.''

``You know, he's been so outstanding for us this year,'' manager Terry Francona said. ``We got put in a little bit of a bind last week. We had to (have him) come back on a short rest, and it didn't work out real well. We fully expect that to change.''

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