Monday, January 30, 2006

Bruins two points out of the playoffs

Did you know the bruins are only two points out of that coveted eigth place in order to get into the playffs? Do you care? Based on the lack of noise from any boston fans on the radio, I'd say you didn't. This is the problem with having the top 8 teams make it into the playoffs in hockey (or baskteball for that matter).

The bruins are currently 21-22-8. And this puts them into the playoff race?

Eastern Conference
1CAROLINA*513611 47619315623-4-113-7-39-1-0
2OTTAWA*483410 47220211220-4-114-6-36-3-1
3PHILADELPHIA*513013 86817616214-8-516-5-33-5-2
4BUFFALO493115 36516214115-7-216-8-15-4-1
5NY RANGERS512915 76516212816-6-413-9-37-3-0
6TAMPA BAY522721 45815414913-9-214-12-26-3-1
7NEW JERSEY522620 65814915115-7-311-13-37-2-1
8MONTREAL492320 65214416214-6-29-14-45-5-0

9TORONTO502422 45215917115-9-29-13-21-8-1
10ATLANTA522323 65217918313-10-410-13-25-5-0
11BOSTON512122 85014716310-10-411-12-45-3-2
12FLORIDA522024 84813516114-6-46-18-44-3-3
13NY ISLANDERS502225 34714717911-12-111-13-24-5-1
14WASHINGTON501827 54114219012-12-46-15-15-4-1
15PITTSBURGH521230 10341452077-14-55-16-51-8-1

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