Monday, January 09, 2006

Madden made some good points?

Maybe I just felt good about the game or maybe Madden is off his meds, but it seemed to me that Madden actually made a couple of insightful points during the game on Saturday. First, I had no idea about the paddles used by the Patriots defense during practice this week. I don't think the idea is original to Belichick, but it was an interesting note. I think some producer got too enthusiastic and had to find one of the paddles to show on TV 20 minutes later, but it was still interesting.

The second was on the interception. It became readily apparent how the defensive scheme was set up for the interception to occur, and Madden pointed it out first. Who would have thought he would have seen it (one) and then followed up with a note on how he had seen the Patriots practice this play during the week (two). This is insider information that you want to hear from your commentators.

Maybe he really is off his meds?

BTW, it really looked, based on Belichick's reaction, that Eric Mangini had seen something in the Jaguars offense and predicted the play the Jags were going to make. Good news for a defense that has struggled this year to know the defensive scheming is coming on strong at the end of the year. This has been a strength of the Patriots defense in the past few years. Their plan hasn't been to have the best players, but to have the best defensive coaches who put their players in the right place.

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Sally said...

It was really really nice to see the Pats defense playing as well as they have been lately! It's still not as consistent as was the past few years but it is still nice to see it during the key moments of the game!!

Mike said...

I agree Sally. It really looks like they've come together at the right time of year. With Seymour back in the line and Bruschi backing him up, the defense has become a run stopper.

Also, Mangini (I'm assuming, here) is more comfortable with his role as defensive coordinatro, and so is Bill.

With wins against Jacksonville and TB, at least the Pats have shown they deserve to be in the playoffs.