Thursday, January 26, 2006

News Media in Boston

I think the following quotes from Mike Fine at the Patriot Ledger says it all. The media as a whole have been all over Theo and his return and how it was a power struggle between Theo and Larry. I really wish they'd get back to reporting about what the team is like and how many holes the Sox have yet to fill.

BTW, Henry confirmed last night that Mota did not fail a physical. Do you think the news media in Boston will pick that up? Or do you think all of the stories will be about how Henry was shocked when he found out interim was taken off of Jed and Ben's co-GM titles?

You should head over to read this story. It's worth the time for a laugh at lunch.

PRO BASEBALL: Will witch hunt end now that Theo’s back?

Jeez, has there ever been a larger witch hunt in this town, a more expansive scrutiny of the comings and goings - and comings back - of the members of this front office?

We went into full battle mode, staking out his office, missing his escape in a gorilla suit. We were enraged when he failed to clarify his position. We attacked each other, saying that a newspaper story forced him out of office. We attacked Larry Lucchino for being the ogre who could force the Boy Wonder - who incidentally is very good to all of us - out of his job. We gasped over the fact that Epstein was considering other opportunities. We were aghast when we thought he’d be throwing his life away playing in a rock band and working for charities.

Keeping one’s mouth shut in Boston? Heresy!

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