Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Varitek and Timlin on the roster for the US

Catcher Jason Varitek and relief pitcher Mike Timlin were revealed as players on the preliminary roster for the World Baseball Classic. While I think having a world wide competition is wonderful, I can't help but worry about the strain on such important parts of the Red Sox roster.

Injuries are commonplace in baseball these days due to the long season and the physical conditioning every player must go through to stay in tip-top shape. Add an off-season pressure like the World Baseball Classic into the mix and you might see more injuries next year. Especially for a player like Timlin, an aging pitcher (39) who has pitched in more games in the past two years (76 and 82, his previous high had been 72) than ever before.

Other players on the preliminary roster include Johnny Damon and Roger Clemens. A-Rod, after saying he wouldn't play on either the US team or his native Dominican Republic, has decided to play on the US team after all.

The full preliminary roster for the World Baseball Classic can be fond at Although the team can have 60 players for now, the team will be cut back to 30 prior to the tournament beginning in Japan's Tokyo Dome on March 3.

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