Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Playoff predictions -- Wild card weekend

Who do you think is going to win this first week?

Saturday, January 7
4:30 p.m. on ABC -- Washington (10-6) at Tampa Bay (11-5)
8:00 p.m. on ABC -- Jacksonville (12-4) at New England (10-6)

Sunday, January 8
1:00 p.m. on FOX -- Carolina (11-5) at N.Y. Giants (11-5)
4:30 p.m. on CBS -- Pittsburgh (11-5) at Cincinnati (11-5)

I'm going to play two different games. The first is to predict the complete route to the big game right now, the second is to pick each game each week.

The final standings are like this, which is important, since the highest seed plays the lowest seed in the NFL Playoffs:
AFC: Indy, Denver, Cinc, New England, Jacksonville, and Pittsburgh.
NFC: Seattle, Chicago, TB, NY Giants, Carolina, Washington

My complete pick goes like this:
AFC Wild Card: New England and Pittsburgh for the wild card.
AFC Division: Indy vs. Pitt (Pick Indy) and New England vs. Denver (pick New England.
AFC Championship: Indy vs New England (Pick New England).
NFC Wild Card: Washington, NY Giants
NFC Division: Seattle vs. Wash (pick Seattle) and Chicago vs. Giants (pick Giants)
NFC Championship: Seattle vs Giants (pick Seattle).
The Big Game: New England vs Seattle (pick New England).

In my second game, for wild card weekend, I'm picking Washington, New England,
Giants, and Pittsburgh. Then I'll see where I stand next week.

In game 1, picks for wild card weekend are 1 point, 2 for divisional picks, 3 for championship and 4 for the big game.
In game 2, picks are 1 point for each game you pick.

Can you beat my picks?

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Mike said...

Stupid Giants have ruined my NFC picks. Looks like I'm not going to score too well in my total playoff predictions.

Mike said...

Divisional Weekend picks:
New England will beat Denver.
Colts will eliminate the Steelers.
Seattle will run Washington out of town.
Chicago will drop kick Carolina.

Mike said...

AFC and NFC picks... Pittsburgh and Seattle.

I did a lot better picking against the spread during the season!